Peter n’ Chris do more than tell a hilarious story across multiple comedic vignettes (although they definitely do that too). They play with perspective, physicality, and the audience in such a way that it made me simultaneously laugh out loud and think to myself, “How the heck did they come up with that?!” – Randall Cleveland

Peter n Chris sure do know how ta make fun o’ those darn western movies! Quick witted and hotter than a campfire! – D’Arcy Harrison

Never would I have guessed that my life was missing a fully-staged, intelligible, focused yet chaotic, and hilarious 10+ person bar brawl performed by two dudes — but apparently it was. “The Kinda OK Corral” is a spectacularly precise physical performance with surprisingly well-structured writing, peppered with some truly inspired “breaking-the-fourth-wall” moments that I won’t forget any time soon. – Annie Paladino