Hey everyone!

It’s professional cat wrangler at The Pocket (and founder), Clayton Weller. Two years of shows have FLOWN by. Thank you so much for supporting The Pocket. Get ready for some seriously awesome stuff. Here are three amazing things we’re going to talk about/do:

  1. This year’s numbers make last year’s look puny.

  2. We’re beginning a grant program for producers developing new work.

  3. We now have TWO theaters!!!! (You didn’t mis-read, we now have 2 venues)


Some numbers for the discerning eyes of our community.


After another 12 months of production we’re happy to say the numbers are showing that small-scale shows pushing the boundaries of theater is not just good for the arts it’s good for the artists. We paid out nearly twice as much to artists this year as compared to last year: ~$25k!

Also, we’re pretty sure we did more performances than any other theater in the city. I mean, 411 performances in one year. HOLY COW! Let’s hope that these trends continue!

If you would like clarifications about what these numbers mean feel free to ask.


The Pocket is shelling out cash to Artists!

We’ve had some truly incredible artists come through the space, and we’re finally in a position to highlight some of the stand outs. We’re doing this by paying them up-front for brand new work to debut at The Pocket. The first recipient of the Pocket Change Grant is Sara Porkalob. 


Her brand new 1 woman show is currently in development specifically for the Pocket. We’re paying her $1,000 to do what she does best: blow your god-damn mind! This show has a bad-ass Asian girl fighting ghosts! LOOK AT THE PRELIMINARY ART! THERE’S A SWORD! WHAT’S THAT SHADOW MONSTER?! WE DON’T KNOW! SHE WON’T TELL US! OH GOD! I HOPE SHE TELLS US!

We’ve already got another person in the pipeline for the Pocket Change Grant, we’ll be announcing their project in the next few weeks. It’s similarly amazing.

If you want one of these grants, all you have to do is come do some shows at The Pocket and absolutely crush it like Sara.


One venue wasn’t enough! (Hello SODO!)

We’ve been blessed by Seattle’s wonderful artistic community, and we’re using the success we’ve had to bank roll a (possibly insane) project of running two different venues simultaneously! Get ready for… The Slate!


Amazing theater wunderkinds, The Satori Group, are going to be gifting their venue (and all of the theatrical equipment therein) to Pocket Theater LLC. They went through the darkest horrors of commercial realestate/zoning to create this super versatile space in the International District (two blocks south of Uwajimaya), and they don’t want all of that work to go up in smoke as they move on to bigger (and more lucrative) artistic endeavors. They want the space to continue to be a Theater. So, theLab @ Inscape is now going to be The Slate Theater!

Will this operate the same as The Pocket? – Nope! It’s a different space, with different capabilities, in a different part of town… so it makes sense to run it differently than the Greenwood space. If the Pocket serves people on rung #1 of the production ladder, then the Slate is going to focus on rungs #2 & #3. Want to build a set? Do it! Want to take a risk on a multi-week run? Go for it! Want to do a show that’s in the round, runs for a month, wherein you have a trance-party-drum-circle afterwards? That’s amazing (seriously is anyone doing this?). We’re here for you! Set your show times, control your ticket sales, take big risks. We’re looking for shows!

Our lease begins June 1, and we’re booking June-Sept right now. If you’re looking further than that you can get on the waiting list. If you’re interested/curious about specifics Click here for info about The Slate.


2013 – we had an idea, and we Kickstarted the heck out of it.
2014 – we began production, and found a home.
2015 – we proved that new works, and independent fringe art/comedy can thrive.
2016 – we’re going to take over this city!
2017 – Can Seattle even contain us!?

Thank you for being part of this wonderful movement. Without all of you wonderful performers/producers/audience-members we would be nothing. Together we can bring art to everyone. Relevant performances for and by your neighbors. Community theater is cool again. You’re so awesome!

Rocketing into the future,

Clayton Weller
Cat Wrangler (Founder)