Venue Accessibility Information

Front entry/exit (street access):
Door – 35 inches wide, push opens into the space from the street. When exiting, the handle pulls into the space and is 36 inches high, no doorknob.

Rear exit:
In the southeast corner of the building there is a rear exit.
Width – 45 inches
Steps – 3. The first two steps from backstage to outside have a rise of 3.5 inches and a run of 16 inches. The third step has a rise of 6.5 inches to a deck. From the deck to the alleyway on the east side of the building, there are 3 steps, each with a rise of 6.5 inches and a run of 13 inches.

Door – 35 inches wide.
Handle height – 36 inches wide, has a doorknob
2 wall mounted grab bars, 36 inches high, one behind the toilet and one to the right of the toilet when sitting down
Sink height – 30 inches at the base and 33 inches at the highest point, mounted to the wall with negative space beginning at the base of the sink

Lobby to theater access:
Door – 35 inches wide.
The sole access from the lobby to the theater is an ADA accessible ramp that is 36 inches wide.
At the base of the ramp there are two platforms on either side of the seating area with 55 inches in between them.

The two rows of seating closest to the stage are not on platforms and are configurable and reserved for accessible seating.

Performer access:
Performers are welcome to access the stage space through the audience aisle or by backstage. Stage space – 26 feet wide x 13 feet deep
Curtains (rear curtain to leg curtain) – 32 inches
Access to backstage from the stage space is either stage right travelling upstage of the rear curtain or most accessible from exiting stage left. From stage left to backstage there are two steps, each with a 3.5 inch rise and 16 inch run.
Backstage area – about 8 feet wide north to south, 16 feet wide west to east.
Door space –  29 inches wide
Green room area – 6 feet wide north to south, 9 feet wide west to east.

Thank you! If you have questions please call the Pocket Theater during showtimes at (206) 257-5658. If you have questions during the week, please email and we will arrange a time to have a phone call or schedule an in-person or virtual tour.