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As a performer it’s hard to start. You don’t have a home base. You might not have a budget. You’re still building a following for your show. Don’t worry! At The Pocket:


We take all of the up front risk, because we believe your show will be great. Here’s what success looks like at The Pocket:

  • Success @ 15 seats sold – Our costs are covered and if you’re nice we’ll be asking you back! (You’re not making money at this point, but we’re not asking you for any either)
  • Paid out @ 20+ seats – You get paid! $10 for every ticket sold past the first 20. (ex 38 tickets = $180)

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We’re confident that almost every show can bring in 15 audience members, but we’re not just going to leave that all on you. We will give you the tools and resources to succeed. Here is what we offer all of our performers:

  • Marketing Education – We’ll work with you directly to develop a marketing plan which will increase the size of your audience.
  • Cross Promotion – Your show will be present in all of The Pocket’s press releases, programs, websites, and social media.
  • Co-production Status – You’re not a rental. We’re investing in you. We will be proud of your work, and you can be proud of performing in our space. Use our logo and name to help bring people to your show.
  • Accessibility – We want as many people as possible to see your show (and for you to be able to perform), so we’re constantly making our venue more accessible. Here is a link to our venue accessibility info.
  • Reasonable Rehearsal Rates – The Theater and lobby are both available only to people performing at the theater.
  • Staffed Venue – A fully functional black box. Ticket/Bartender. Tech person. House manager. You don’t have to worry about any of that if you don’t want to.
  • Hi Def Video – We will record every show in the pocket. If you decide you want the footage let us know and we’ll get it to you at a reasonable rate.
  • Alumni Support – Once you’ve performed at the pocket you’ll always have a special place in our hearts. We’re committed to your success no matter where you perform.

We’ll vouch for you, and you can always ask us for support and advice. We want nothing more than for you to become a local celebrity. Just remember where you started!

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Still not convinced? Maybe you’re thinking that your show isn’t right for the pocket. There will be three kinds of shows that will be in the space:

  • One Time Only: A brand new show, a visiting artist, a press preview. Try something out and see if it sticks.
  • Multi-week runs: We will focus on giving shows which couldn’t otherwise afford a long run. This will allow you to get press to actually attend your event.
  • Keystone shows: You can consistently fill a house, so we’ll partner with you to put on shows on a regular basis. Monthly, weekly. Build a strong following.

Notice that none of these are genre or content focused. We want weird. We want new. We want untested. We’re pretty sure you will find a place in The Pocket. The only way we can find out for sure is if you talk to us. WE WANT YOU!

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