The Slate Theater is Located at 815 Seattle Blvd S,
Inside the Inscape Arts building.

The Slate produces it’s own shows – (<– NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST!)

Most performances at the Slate are produced by our primary rentals. All ticket sales are run through the companies using the venue. Contact the producer directly for ticketing information.

Pocket Theater LLC doesn’t control or manage sales of tickets to these shows.

The Space is available for rent a week at a time: Monady -> Sunday. During that time you can do as many performances as you want.

To schedule a walk through of the space please email 

Some quick specs to start you thinking –

  • Depending upon configuration the space seats 40-60 comfortably (along with chairs provided)
  • We have a very flexible lighting rig and 20+ instruments to play around with.
  • We have a full sound system with movable speakers and a 12 channel sound board.
  • We supply a wine/beer bar and someone to staff it at every performance.
  • (Soon we’ll have the rep-plot/configuration posted)
  • (Soon we’ll have a library of images of past productions)

We have flexible pricing, we will do our best to make your show happen. If you use our rep configuration/plot, are open to auxiliary programming, and bring your own tech people we’re one of the best deals in town.

Please contact us at