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Cozy up with a seasonal pomegranate-blueberry mimosa, local beer, or ginger ale in our toasty theater.

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A welcoming place to learn with passionate instructors and affordable classes.

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You should never have to pay to perform. Show rentals are always 100% free.

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  • “Off The Top is my favorite show in the city. It started as a half-baked idea and is now a weekly recurring show with a consistent audience base and a community around it that hangs out every week! The barrier to creating something cool is virtually eliminated with the help of this theater. This show would not have been possible without The Pocket and its wonderful staff.”
    Jesse Warren
  • It is that rare place that welcomes performers with open arms and allows them creative freedom to explore while also making sure they are paid for their work. As a theatre artist I always feel 100% supported whenever I step onstage, and as a member of the Seattle theatre community I’m proud to consider The Pocket my home.
    Alison Luhrs
  • “The Pocket is one of the most inclusive, equitable, and innovative spaces in Seattle. If you have an idea for a show and want a safe place to explore its possibilities while at the same time being supported by a community of friendly, supportive, creative folks - this is your place!”
    Mandy Canales
  • “The Pocket has and continues to build a fun and creative environment for comedians and performers of all kinds to show their work.”
    Kara O’Connor
  • “The Pocket is an incredibly supportive and exciting space for new and experienced voices alike. The community here offers love and support for everyone, whether you're on stage, working the sound board, buying a drink or sitting in the audience.”
    John Carroll
  • “A wonderful independent company that supports people producing and marketing their own work! From sketch, to improv, to development readings, to scripted shows, you never know what great surprise is happening at the Pocket next!”
    D’Arcy Harrison
  • “The Pocket is one of the most exciting theater spaces in Seattle! They take risks on new work, constantly create opportunities, and value the voices of their community. Many of the shows I've seen first produced at the Pocket have gone on to be expanded and produced at larger theaters, something they would have never been capable of doing otherwise.”
    Eddie DeHais
  • “Great people. Cheap drinks. Great comedy. Awesome place.”
    Megan McConnell
  • “It's an intimate, cozy space run by people who are passionate about their craft and their community.”
  • “You really get a personalized experience. There literally are no bad seats in the house! And afterwards the cast hangs out and mingles. It was a great experience for myself and my older kids.”
  • “It's more than just a theater, it's a place where things happen, a place where pipe dreams become a reality, and a place where people come together to learn, share, and thrive.”
    Eddie DeHais