Let's work together to make this theater wonderful.

Learn how to house manage, run tech, and tend bar. No prior experience necessary!

Foster new friendships and connect with like-minded collaborators.

Feel supported in an environment of mutual respect, safety, and trust.

Find your artistic home in the hustle and bustle of the city of Seattle.

See comedy, dance, theater, and music from artists all over the world.

Watch as many shows as you'd like for free every month you volunteer.

Feel a sense of warmth, ownership, camaraderie, and community.

Receive 10% off classes and workshops from out-of-town instructors.

Treat yourself to a complimentary bev and all the snacks you can stomach.

  • “The Pocket has and continues to build a fun and creative environment for comedians and performers of all kinds to show their work.”
    Kara O’Connor
  • “The Pocket is an incredibly supportive and exciting space for new and experienced voices alike. The community here offers love and support for everyone, whether you're on stage, working the sound board, buying a drink or sitting in the audience.”
    John Carroll